Our Philosophy

Investment theories currently in vogue insist that investing success is simply a matter of buying a cheap product that tracks a public benchmark, holding on through the ups and downs, and relying on the market to deliver an acceptable return in the long run.

At NZAM, we have never thought that investing is a commodity business. In a nutshell, we believe in active management, and an emphasis on avoiding the periodic large losses in investment markets that can be so destructive to investor wealth.

This philosophy has a name –“absolute return”, and we have executed it for New Zealand investors since 1991.

Our Focus: Global Opportunities

We focus on partnering with the world’s best specialist fund managers, across a diverse range of strategies.

All our fund managers have exceptional skills and capabilities and, most importantly, a track record of resilience when markets fall.

It’s mandatory that our global fund managers invest their own capital in their fund alongside our clients.

Our Priorities: How We Work


We are privately owned and independent. Our executive principals have, on average, 25 years investment experience, and are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the business.

Our team of experienced and committed investment professionals provides a hands-on, personal service to our clients. Open, regular communication is a priority.

Every member of our team gains great personal satisfaction from making our approach work for all our clients, year on year.

Our Track Record

NZAM has been in continuous operation for over 26 years, and over that time has successfully navigated many market cycles and crises.

Returns higher than global equity markets that have been achieved with lower volatility.